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Diabetes Insurance advise and information

tel: 0345 565 0938
or 0161 968 3434 from a mobile

Life Insurance for People with Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by a fault in the production of insulin which is a hormone produced by the pancreas. This controls the flow of glucose in and out of our cells which is required for energy. Glucose can accumulate in the blood if there is a fault in insulin production and this can lead to a multitude of complications.

Type 1 – this is when the pancreas fails to produce any insulin at all. This usually starts in childhood or early adulthood but it is not known exactly why this happens, 

Type 2 – the pancreas either produces a reduced amount of insulin, or a regular amount - where the body's cells have become resistant to it, or there may be a combination of both. This most commonly occurs in people over the age of 40.

Those already diagnosed with diabetes are unable to buy critical illness cover or income protection. This is due to the increased risk of making a claim for related conditions like kidney failure and stroke. However, if your condition is under control it is possible to obtain life cover, albeit at a higher price than normal.


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