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Cancer - Insurance advice and information

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Tumours may be malignant or benign. Benign tumours remain localised and are normally easily removed and not life threatening. Malignant tumours are cancerous and can invade and destroy local tissues. Cancers are known by the type of cell or organ in which they start.

There are many types of cancer but skin cancer is the most common in both genders. Prostate cancer is the second most common in the male whilst breast cancer is the second most common in the female. Due to the research which has been ongoing for a number of years and the resources which have been applied, the prognosis for a cancer sufferer has greatly improved. Accordingly any application for life insurance would be individually considered by the underwriter.

For most cancer sufferers there will be a postponement period of a number of years after diagnosis and treatment before life insurance cover would be given. After this postponement period temporary ratings (an increase in premium) would be applied. Once fully recovered, and after the postponement period, life insurance cover would normally be accepted (income protection and critical illness policies may attract an exclusion).